Sunday, May 30, 2010

Home Alone:Marcos Revenge The Shitquel

I been home alone for 2 days sore as fuck really havent done anything its just been me and my cat chillin havent worked on any mixes at all but tomorrow is mellow monday on madwizz radio so stay posted on youtube for it i missed survival of the dead in theatres im pretty pissed about that but other than that i really have no updates on upcoming shows or new mixes coming soon i did just drop TDBV5 last week and trust me
its a banger shorter then the others but not bad at all u can download it on just search me up btw propz to dj solo for such a nasty dub mixtape "Fucking&Punching" very nice done i got word today that mala is playing gritsy
all i can say is FUCK! because its on the same day raekwon is playing still debating on which i should go to they are both amazing dudes o and btw ill prob be pulling through datpiff again and setting off a new mixtape on there i dont know when yet but soon i got alot of good feedback on the wu tang dub tape and the kids are just askin for that dub so ill be coming through soon for sure anyways i really dont have much say other than madwizz radio this monday and happy memorial day like u give a shit

catch me on mario kart online ill be on it all day prob

Coming Soon

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