Thursday, November 5, 2009


i made a new mixtape with some new tracks from trae and z-ro
i screwed them up and mixed them together since their new
albums aren't coming out for a while i thought i make a little mixtape
for the wait z-ro's new album "heroin" comes out sometime in november
theres not a official date yet it will probably get pushed to december maybe
but trae's new album "tha truth" comes out 2010 once again there's a official
date for it as well but for now just download a copy of the mixtape
it has all new tracks from both artists including some freestyle's
the download is free all i ask from u is that if u download a copy of it
tell your friends where u got it from and about my other mixtapes thanks!
O! by the way im making an account on so make sure u check me out
there as well i will uploading some mixes there too!

u can download the mixtape Here.

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